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Your Personal Guide to EZ Blade Matte Hair Clay


Gentlemen it’s time to break out your combs, blow dryers, and styling tools. There’s a new product on the block and it’s changing the way we style our hair! 


Hair what? 

Hair Clay is one of the newest products making its way to shelves around the world. Chances are you’ve probably heard of it. And chances are, you’ve also got a lot of questions about it. 


For starters, you might be wondering what separates it from other styling products like pomades, waxes, and the like. You might also want to know if it’s a better product that what you’re using and if your hairstyle will benefit for it. We’ll address those questions later on, but for now let’s focus on what exactly “hair clay” is. 

Hair clay is a styling product that’s similar to pomades and waxes. It’s designed to add texture and volume to your hair while allowing


you to snag those coveted messy styles. However, the texture and finish differs from other styling products in the same vein. 



Styling waxes and pomades will often give you a shiny finish, which isn’t for everyone. Sometimes that slick, shiny look can be exactly what you’re after for the evening but other times you want something that looks a little more natural. This is where hair clay comes in. 


Here’s what you can expect from clay:

  • Added texture
  • Volume
  • Matte finish
  • Reworkable (meaning you don’t need to apply more to change your style)
  • Great for all hair types
  • Medium to strong hold
  • Perfect for creating messier looks 


Here’s what to expect from wax:

  • Spongier texture
  • Thicker grip
  • Matte to shiny finish (hybrid)
  • Not reworkable- once you’ve applied it, there’s no changing the style later
  • Best for edgy designs with texturized strands and lines


Here’s what to expect from pomade:

  • Think John Travolta in Grease finish (IE: high shine)
  • Freshly showered look
  • High hold
  • Thick texture
  • Everything from gangster style combs to Hollywood red carpet styles


What can I expect from EZ Blade Matte Hair Clay? 


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You can expect the highest quality ingredients, excellent hold, styling capabilities, and no harsh chemicals from our EZ Blade Matte Hair Clay. Our clay works just like the competitors’- but better! We’ve taken what makes clay appealing to customers and flipped it on its head. 


Longer lasting hold

Most clays will offer a medium hold while our EZ Blade Matte Hair Clay offers a strong, long lasting hold that means less time spent readjusting your style and more time enjoying it. 


However if you decide that you want to change your style up from work to date night with the lady, our product easily lets you do just that- without having to reapply! That’s one of the benefits of clays: you can easily change your style on the go without having to wash it out and start over. 


Excellent volume and texture

Hair clay is perfect for adding texture and volume to your hair without making it overly stiff. Our EZ Blade Matte Hair Clay allows your locks to defy gravity even on the windiest days! Did we mention that it won’t make your hair stiff or greasy feeling? 


If height isn’t your thing, you can always opt for a texturized, full bodied look that says “yeah, I woke up looking this good.” 


Perfect for all hair types

Whether your hair is long, closely cropped, wavy, textured, straight, thin or full our hair clay will give you the look you’re after in a matter of minutes. 


It’s also incredibly easy to use regardless of what kind of hair type you have! So there’s no need to spend hours prepping or fixing your hair- you’re good to go in a short time! 


None of our EZ Blade products contain any harsh chemicals or ingredients that are bad for your skin/hair. We put only the best stuff in our products because we care about what you’re putting on your skin and hair. We also avoid using cliché scents that smell like Axe body spray on steroids- seriously, women don’t like that stuff.


Wanna be this dude? Use our products!


Women like clean, simple, natural smells and we do too. That’s why you won’t find “winter ice” or “antifreeze” listed as any of our scents. What you will find is natural, soothing scents that won’t give you a headache.


And seriously, what are half of the scents that are out there on guy products? It’s just weird. 


Matte finish

That Greaser hair and Godfather slicked look may be your thing, but sometimes it’s nice to get away from the “shower fresh, hair’s still wet” look and opt for something natural. Our EZ Blade Matte Hair Clay will give you a natural, matte finish that doesn’t loudly announce to the world that you’re using a hair product. 


How to use hair clay

Okay, you’ve heard the good word about hair clay now it’s time to try it. 


Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get the best results using Matte Hair Clay:


  1. Start with damp hair. If you’ve just finished up with a shower, make sure to towel dry your hair. It shouldn’t be completely dry, but you don’t want it to be soaking wet either. One or two passes with a towel should do the trick. Don’t have time for a shower? Use a misting bottle or stick your hair under the sink to wet your locks! 


  1. Scoop out a dime sized amount of clay using your fingers. A little goes a long way so start off small. You can always add more if needed. Most hair lengths will benefit for this sized amount, but you may need more if your hair is fairly long. 


  1. Using your dry hand (not the one with the clay), comb your fingers through your damp hair. This will help detangle your locks and separate the strands making it easier for the product to work its magic. 


  1. Rub your hands together, working the product until it’s spread thinly across both hands. Keep in mind that if there are chunks of clay present, they’ll end up sticking to your hair. Also if you’re after a lighter hold, you can dilute the product with water while spreading the clay in your hands. 


  1. Comb your fingers through your hair making sure to distribute the EZ Blade Matte Hair Clay evenly throughout your hair. The more diluted the clay is when it comes to your hair, the messier and more natural the appearance and hold will be. If you’re working with thicker clay that hasn’t been diluted, you’ll get a stronger hold. 


  1. Step back and admire your work! You’re good to go once you’ve washed your hands. 


Tips and tricks


If you’re looking to get the most out of our hair clay, we recommend applying it daily and going a few days between washing your hair. The minerals, oils, and vitamins in our clay will help keep your hair happy and healthy between washes without stripping away your natural oils. 


When you’re ready for a new look, simply use your hands or a comb to restyle your hair! Chances are you won’t need to apply any new product. 


Clay can be a bit tricky to wash out, so here’s our advice: start with your normal shampoo and conditioner routine in the shower, but leave them on a few extra minutes while you lather up. This will help break down the clay and remove it from your hair. 


Interested in a pompadour? Our EZ Blade Matte Finish Clay can help you! Start off applying a light base of the product to establish volume then apply a second, harder layer on top to keep the shape and hold. 


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