Hair Clay Matte Finish 4 oz


Hair Clay Matte Finish

The EZ Blade Matte Hair Clay is a product that our customers have been patiently waiting for a long time and it’s finally made its arrival! Like traditional hair clays, our product allows you mold your hair into any style that you want. It also keeps that style in place all day long so there’s no need to worry about refreshing your ‘do! Our EZ Blade Matte Hair Clay is for any type and length of hair, making it much more versatile than its competitors. The hair clay allows for easy sculpting, styling, and molding so it’s possible to achieve nearly any look you’re after with just this one product. It’s also great for customers who don’t like the shine that most styling clays offer- ours dries with a matte finish! And like all of our other products, we’ve used the highest quality ingredients that won’t weigh down your hair or junk it up. You can also expect a clean, fresh, natural scent in our hair clay as well! No fake chemical smells here! 

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