EZ-BLADE Shaving Products has been working with Ugandas Build Out Foundation to make kids lives easier. In some parts of Uganda if a child does not have a haircut they can not attend school. So we have teamed up with one of Ugands biggest rappers St. Nelly to help.

What the Build Out Foundation and St Nelly does is give kids from small towns and villages free haircuts so they can attend school. Most people in these areas can not afford a haircut. Rapper St Nelly noticed this and felt things needed to change. So he put together a crew of barbers and began to service these areas. 

We have put together care packages of free hair clippers and supplies for the build out crew but it's just not enough, they do not work for money so travel and other haircutting supplies are coming out of their pockets. We are doing all that we can at EZ-BLADE to help. We will continue to donate and be a part of this beautiful foundation . If you are interested we have also put together a Gofund Me account for extra help. 


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