Aftershave Lotion 6 Oz


 Aftershave Lotion


The EZ-BLADE After Shave Lotion is the perfect lotion to nurture your face after any type of shave. The EZ-BLADE After Shave Lotion is highly concentrated with sunflower oil. Discovered by the Native Americans to have healing properties such as being rich in vitamin E, sunflower oil helps moisturize and regenerate skin. It also has the ability to help heal wounds, sores, and stimulate growth of healthy tissue. It is also known to be a skin softener and anti-irritant. After a shave the skin is considered an open wound, and with our uniquely high concentration of sunflower oil the EZ-BLADE Shaving Lotion helps regenerate and soothe your skin.


•Skin softener & anti-irritant

•Helps improve the appearance of cuts, scraps, and razor burn.

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