4 Pcs / 16 oz EZ BLADE Shave Gel

4 Pcs / 16 oz EZ BLADE Shave Gel

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Buy 4 pcs of our 16 oz bottles and save big. When buying our shave gel in bulk you are paying just $12.50 per bottle instead of the normal $20.00 dollars per bottle. You also get free shipping.



The EZ BLADE Shaving Gel has been around since 2010. Through our customers experiences it has been classified to be an effective shaving product. We have a wide range of customers, from barbers to the everyday shaving person, who prefers to only use our products. So the question is why our customer prefer us? The difference between the Ez Blade Shaving gel and the competitors is that our shave gel has been equipped with a pre shave oil, its not just a gel its a pre shave oil base gel. The Ez Blade Shaving Gel has the ability to be use with the razor of your choice. You deserve to give yourself a premium shave.


•Shave Oil Base •Waterless Shave •Allows The Blade To Glide •Clear Non Foam Gel
•Opens Pores •Relaxes facial •Softens Beard

Directions for Use :
Apply a small amount of shaving gel to your finger tips. Rub in circular motion. Lift the hair in the area in need of a shave. No water is needed but can be used



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