The EZ BLADE double edged razors are premium and built to last for a whole shave. We really took our time choosing the right double edge razor. We originally started as barbers in the barbering industry. So we knew what type of blade to choose. We wanted something sharp. Our Blades are made from Swedish steel. Sweden is home to the purest iron ore which results in the strongest steel meaning less imperfections and longer lasting blades. 


Save time and money. Take advantage of our convenient blade subscription service. We will deliver your blades to your front door on a monthly or bi monthly basis. No more running out of blades or making trips to the store. Have your blades on time and when you need them. Simply choose a package and we will have your blades delivered to you.

About our Subscription

Our subscription provides you with total control by tailoring to the needs of each individual customer. Allowing you to change the quantity of blades purchased or the amount of months you want your blades delivered. You also have the choice to end your subscription anytime you want.