Royal Shave Kit



Shaving Kit for Men


Simply one of the best straight razor shaving kits for men on the market. With this shave kit you get all five of our products, plus an EZ BLADE straight razor of your choice!


First shave with the straight razor using shaving cream, shave oil, or shave gel. Then heal the skin with the after shave tonic, Next treat your face with our after shave lotion.

This shave kit comes with a step by step pamphlet on how to give yourself or client a royal shave!

This set contains

1. 2 oz Pre-Shave Oil

1. 6 oz Shaving Cream

1. 6 oz Aftershave Lotion

1. 16 oz Shaving Gel

1. 8 oz Aftershave Tonic

1. Straight Razor Of Your Choice



Step by step straight razor shave. Using our shave kit



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