Barber Shaving Gel How To Choose One


 What is Barber Shaving Gel and Why You Need It NOW written by: Nicole Bippen

If you’ve ever shaved your face before then chances are you’ve either heard of or used shaving gel at some point. But we’re not talking about that chemical ridden, overly scented, bright blue stuff that comes in a can and foams up more than your car in a carwash; we’re talking about a revolutionary semi new product on the market that’s changing the shaving game. 


What is Shave Gel?

Despite being on the market for about 7 years (and first created right here at EZ Blade), Barber Shave Gel is just now starting to pop up in the shave world. What separates it from the rest of the razor protectant lathers out there is it goes on clear. This means you’ll be able to see the hairs before, during, and after your shave unlike traditional foams, creams, and soaps that hide the whiskers once applied. The gel also allows your blade to get much closer to the hairs while still offering plenty of protection for a smoother, longer lasting shave. 


Unlike other lathers, the shaving gel goes on thin and does not foam up. However, it still provides adequate and arguably better protection from skin irritation as well as nicks when compared to more traditional competitors; especially ours. That’s because we use a shave oil base in our gel and trust us when we say that it will give you the best shave experience of your life. 


Even though they go on clear, shave gels typically have some form of coloration. This slight coloration makes it easier to apply the product to your face and only turns clear once you start massaging it into the skin. 


Ours VS Theirs 

Since its introduction into the market, both barbers and shave accessories stores have begun to carry at least one shaving gel. With so many different brands of the same product making their way into the game, it can be difficult to choose. Here’s a list of why we feel ours is superior to the others in the game:

· First to hit the market- Here at EZ Blade we can proudly say that we were the creators of the first ever clear barber shave gel. Because our shave gel has been around for 7 years, we’ve had plenty of time to adapt and evolve. Newer products can’t say the same and are still learning how to balance the ingredients, scents, and master the clear base. We’ve already perfected that! 

· We listen to our customers- EZ Blade pays attention to its customer base and we take into consideration all of the comments and feedback we receive. Your suggestions as customers led us to redesign the packaging of our shave gel. Originally, we opted for a jar with a screw on lid but after feedback we utilized a push-top that makes for easier applications. The design also allows you to travel with the product without fear of leakage. 

· We started off as barbers- If you’re going to buy a computer then you head to a computer expert right? Of course you would! You want the best person or company with the most know how for the job after all. Then if you’re looking for the best shave of your life, wouldn’t it make sense to go to a barber for advice? EZ Blade actually started off in the barbering industry so believe me when I say we know what we’re talking about! 

· Neutral, pleasant smell- Instead of smelling like “I just fought a bear uphill in the snow both ways then rolled in pine needles”, we decided to go with a more neutral, refreshing scent. This means that men of all ages as well as women can use the product without worrying about an overly masculine scent. A refreshing, clean scent that isn’t overpowering also allows you to wear your favorite after shave tonic or cologne without mixing scents. 

· Natural, soothing ingredients- Unfortunately a lot of brands are still using harsh chemicals that do more harm than good to your face. We know that nothing sucks worse than a bad shave with equally bad products or having your face break out from the stuff inside your gel. That’s why we are committed to using natural ingredients whenever possible and soothing, hypoallergenic components. 

· Waterless shave- You woke up late, you’re in a hurry, and you’re going to be late for work so you don’t have time to prep your face before shaving but you don’t want to deal with skin irritation either; we get it because we’ve all been there. Because our shave gel is so hydrating and uses an oil base, you won’t need a single drop of water in order to use it. Barber shaving gel is great for the guy on the go because there’s no need to prep your skin for a shave: simply apply the product, shave, and go. There’s no need to worry about skin irritation or nicks either because our shave gel provides the best protection against bumps, burn, and cuts. 

· Shave oil base- We believe in offering the best, most comfortable shave possible and have found that using a shave oil base achieves that goal. Most companies start with a normal shave base such as foam or cream. While both can still provide a good shave, an oil base offers the best. That’s because it hydrates and moisturizes the skin for lasting smoothness, helps prevent shaving nicks and irritation, opens the pores, and helps the razor glide evenly across the skin. The oil base also means that regardless of how thick the hair is, you’ll only need one pass for ultimate smoothness. 


A Must Have for Barbers and Home Shavers Alike

Whether you’re looking for the best shave of your life or want to offer your customer a truly great shave experience, barber shaving gel is a definite must for your shave kit. 


The fact that you can see right through the produce once applied means you’ll spend less time reshaving the same areas and more time enjoying your girlfriend who’s enjoying your face. This is great for barbers too because it means you’ll be spending less time on each client and can focus on shaving more customers and providing them with a better shave experience. 


As an added bonus, if you’re using our shaving gel with an oil base, you’ll only need one pass. This means that you or your clients will experience a reduced shave time, fewer nicks, less irritation, and all around smoother skin. 

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