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Shaving Gel VS Shaving Cream: Which One Should You Be Using?


With so many shaving products on the market it can be difficult to find the right one. For most men it becomes a game of grabbing whatever is within arm’s reach or settling for what the wife brings home from the store. So what should you be using: a shaving cream or a gel? Well to be completely honest, picking a lather for your face is a lot like picking a favorite sports team: it’s entirely up to YOU. While gels and creams each have their own unique formulas and benefits, which you pick is a personal decision. With that in mind, let’s explore the options.


Shaving Cream

When men think of shaving cream the first thing that comes to mind is often an image of a can that pumps out bright blue foam. The creamy foam smells like someone dumped thirteen different types of cologne in a vat and called it a day. And honestly, you’re probably better off shaving with a household-cleaning product. Whatever you do, spend a little extra money and get something better quality; your face will thank you.


Legit shaving creams produce thick, rich lathers that hydrate the skin and offer great protection from your razor. Our products use all natural ingredients and have pleasant smells so you can expect the best shave possible. Shaving creams can be applied with your hands or a brush but you’ll need to wet your face before using them. We recommend taking a hot shower to open your pores and soften the hairs before applying the cream.


The Benefits of a Cream Lather

Besides providing an excellent barrier between the razor and your skin, cream lathers have a number of other benefits:


  • Rich lather- Some men prefer a lot of lather when shaving and creams definitely provide that. Working the product into your skin will also help lift your whiskers for a close, comfortable shave.


  • Soothing and hydrating- It’s no secret that shaving dries out your skin. Creamy lathers, especially high quality ones, will restore lost moisture and make your skin feel silky.


  • Cost effective- Creams are typically cheaper than gels and tend to last longer. That’s because the product goes a bit further than gels do.


  • Meditative- For some guys the act of shaving feels a lot like meditation. The process of prepping your skin for the cream, lathering up, passing the razor over your skin and clearing off the rich product is soothing.


  • Softens the hairs- Shaving creams have ingredients that soften the hairs on your face making them easier to shave.


  • Lifts the whiskers- Working the lather into your skin helps raise the hairs on your face and the rich cream helps them stay lifted.


Shaving Gel

A lot of people think shaving gels are new to the market but in reality, they’ve been around for 7 years! Ours was the first to come out and we’ve been perfecting it ever since. What makes shave gel so revolutionary is the fact that it goes on clear. Out of the package, gels are typically tinted. Once you massage the product into your skin, it turns clear. Obviously this means you’ll be able to get a much more precise shave.


Unlike shaving creams, gels don’t lather up; they go on thin and stay thin. This allows you to get closer to the hairs with your razor for a longer lasting shave. If you’re worried about nicks and irritation, don’t be. Gel formulas provide an excellent buffer between your face and razor because of the shave oil base.


The Benefits of a Gel Lather

Like shaving cream, gels provide a barrier between the razor and your skin while also offering other benefits:


  • Waterless shave- Shave gel is the ONLY product on the market that allows you to shave without water and not run the risk of skin irritation.


  • Hydrating oil base- Because shave gels have an oil base, your skin will feel hydrated and soft after a shave. While similar in effect to a cream, the oils in gels will work overtime to give your skin even more hydration.


  • Excellent shave protection- If you’re prone to nicks and skin irritation, gels are typically best. Unlike foams, gel sits on the skin and creates a barrier between the razor and your face.


  • Better, more precise shave- Because shave gels go on clear, you’ll be able to see each individual whisker. Obviously you’ll be able to get a much more precise shave this way.


  • Fewer passes- Since you’ll be able to see the individual whiskers and because gel is much thinner than a lather, you’ll only need 1 to 2 passes. This is great for the guy who is in a rush or doesn’t like to spend a lot of time shaving.


  • Won’t clog your razor- You’ll still need to rinse your blade after a few passes but it won’t get bogged down like razors tend to when using heavier lathers. One of the reasons you often need so many passes when using creams is because the razor picks up so much foam and can’t cut the hairs until rinsed.


The Showdown

Your shaving routine will ultimately decide which of the two you pick. If you tend to be a “rush shaver” and are always in a hurry to get through the process, shaving gel is likely the better choice. You won’t need as much prep work or water in order to get a quality shave. Also if you’re into precision shaves and clean lines, being able to see the hairs as you shave is a godsend. For men who treat the shaving process as a ritual (or an escape from a nagging girlfriend), creams are the way to go. You can spend as much time as you like prepping your face and shaving it. Plus massaging the cream into your skin feels really good!


Personally, we recommend keeping one of each. For days that you need an escape reach for the creams. On days when you’ve woken up late and need to get out the door as fast as possible, use a gel. Both use all natural, soothing ingredients and provide excellent protection against skin irritation so you really can’t go wrong with whatever you choose.



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