How to Shave Your Head

For a lot of men, shaving their head becomes a last resort after their hair begins to thin and they fight a losing battle against it. Obviously, this is a confidence killer for those guys but we’re to tell you it doesn’t have to be! Have you seen the way the ladies drool over Bruce Willis and Jason Statham? Yeah, you can be that guy too! However, bald heads aren’t just for thinning hair or guys who want to look tough. They’re for any guy who’s looking to change up his appearance and try something different. Despite the common misconception, bald does look good on every guy. And yes, a shaven head can still professional in the work place.

So whether you’re looking to shave your head for a different look or you’re just tired of trying products to save your hair that just don’t work, we’re here to show you have to achieve that bald head badassness!

Before You Put the Razor to Your Skin

Remember all the prep work we ask you to do to your face before you shave it? Yeah, well you need to do the same to your head! Anytime you’ve shaving or trimming hairs, you need to prep the area.

Start with clean hair that’s product free- If it’s been a few days since you washed your hair or you have product in it, wash it first. Dirty hair can cause your razor to hang up and give you an uneven shave or worse, nicks. Plus you can get some nasty breakouts.
Use warm water- Warm water softens the hairs, preps the skin, and opens the pores making it much easier for the blade to pass over your scalp. While the shower is the best place to do your shave, a towel soaked in hot water will also suffice. Make sure to keep the towel hot; don’t let the water cool on it.
Make sure your hair is stubble- It’s much easier to achieve a precision cut with shorter hair. Plus longer hairs have a tendency to clog razors and obviously this translates to nicks, pain, and an uncomfortable shave.
Use a quality razor or shaver- While it’s tempting to reach for the generic 6 bladed shaver with comfort grip, don’t. Your head is one giant curve; it’s not the flat surface that the bulk of your face is so don’t treat it as such. A lot of shavers and razors don’t have a lot of flex/give and will nick you. So if you’re not going to use a safety or straight (recommended), then use something that has some flex to it.
Use a shaving cream or oil- While some electric razors offer quality dry shaves, we highly recommend wet shaving your hair; especially for the first time. Wet shaves will give you a longer lasting, smoother, and much closer shave than a dry shave.

Stubbling Your Hair

Whether you have shoulder length locks or hair that’s barely half an inch, you’ll want to reduce it to stubble before you shave your hair. Ideally, you want your hair to be ¼ inch or less before you run a razor across it. Anything longer than a ¼ inch and you risk your razor getting hung up while shaving your dome. We promise this isn’t an experience you want to have so take the time to stubble your head!

In order to stubble the hairs on your head, you’ll want to take an electric razor to your head. Start with clean, dry hair (or damp if that’s an option for your shaver) that’s free of product. Hair that’s clean won’t clog as easily and remember to use hot water! Use the shortest setting and trim your hair to a ¼ inch or less across the expanse of your dome. Make sure to check the shaver periodically and empty out the hairs. The last thing you want to do is get the shaver hung up in your hair or nick yourself!

Also remember to take your time. It’s not a race!

Shaving Cream, Gel or Oil?

Whether you use shaving cream, gel, or oil will be completely personal preference. While it might be tempting to reach for bar soap or just dry shave it, don’t. The last thing you want on your cleanly shaven head is a bunch of nicks, breakouts, and razor burns. Protect your scalp (and good looks) by using a cream or oil to protect your skin from the blade.

EZ Blade Shaving Cream- Our shaving creams create a rich lather that softens the hairs, protects the skin, and leaves the area hydrated after your shave. In comparison to oils and gels, creams create a rich lather than some men prefer in their shaves. Unlike competitor creams, you don’t have to worry about the hairs getting “lost” under the froth; our formula allows the razor to glide effortlessly through the hair for a clean, precise cut.
EZ Blade Shaving Gel- Unlike the canned blue stuff, our gels aren’t full of irritating chemicals, fake scents, and irritants. EZ Blade Shaving Gel comes out colored but quickly turns clear once rubbed in. This allows you to see exactly where and what you’re cutting for a smooth, precise shave. Our gels also use a shave oil base, which hydrates and nourishes the skin, softens the hairs, and offers excellent nick protection.
EZ Blade Shaving Oil- If you’re not going for a close cut, completely bald head then we recommend using an oil and electric shaver. Our pre shave oil hydrates the skin, softens the hair, and helps open the pores before your shave. Rub the product in circles on your freshly washed scalp before taking the shaver to your skin for a comfortable shave. You can also pair EZ Blade Shaving Oil with our cream or gel for an even better shaving experience. Our oil is also great for guys who are prone to dry skin; especially post shave. Hydrating your skin with oils before and after a shave will restore lost moisture.

Pick Your Razor Carefully

When it comes to shaving your head, not just any old razor will do. You want to make sure you’re using the best tool for the job and that does not include those $20 a cartridge pack razors. Those razors offer terrible nick protection, go dull quickly, and don’t offer precision shaves. And since you’re shaving your head, any nick/burn is going to stick out like a sore thumb. The goal of shaving your dome is to attract positive attention, not encourage stares at your cuts. Plus, take it from us nicking your head hurts!

If for some reason you don’t feel comfortable using a straight or safety razor for your shave, pick something high quality with a lot of flex.

Badger hair brush- Regardless of what you decide to use, we recommend using a badger hairbrush to apply the shaving product. The bristles in the brush help stand the hairs up for a better shave, work the product into your skin better, and the process feels like a mini massage. While there are a number of hairbrushes on the market, badger is the best; the hairs are softer, better quality, and these tend to last longer than others. So if you’re on the fence between a boar and badger hairbrush, splurge on the badger hair.
Safety razor- Despite their name, safety razors aren’t completely goof free. While there is a bit of a guard between your skin and the blade, they are much sharper and sit closer to the skin than your traditional shaver. So if it’s your first time using one, look up our guide on how to use it. If you’re torn between using a safety razor or a straight blade, keep in mind you’re going to get pretty similar results out of the two, so use whatever you’re most comfortable with. Cost wise, safety razors are incredibly affordable. Since they are dual bladed, you’ll be able to use both sides until they need to be replaced. And the great thing about replacing the blades is they’re much cheaper than those 6 bladed cartridges. On average, you’ll pay around .25 cents.
Straight razor- Straight razors are the tool of choice when it comes to clean domes. At barbershops, straight razors are the go to shaver whether you’re removing facial or head hair. That’s because they offer the closest shaves and have the longest lasting results. Because the blade sits so close to your skin, you’re able to remove more hair than you can with traditional razors. While straight razors can be a little pricy to purchase at first, your initial set up cost is pretty much the extent of what you’re going to pay. Since there’s no blades to replace, you’ll simply sharpen it is as needed.
Electric shaver- If you’re not going for a completely smooth dome, then you’ll want to invest in an electric shaver if you haven’t already. Again, don’t cheap out here. Your face is a lot more forgiving than the top of your head so just because the shaver works great on your beard doesn’t mean it’ll go through your locks perfectly. Invest in something that has a lot of flex and give; your head is a giant curve so you need a shaver that can accommodate for that. And even if you are going for a completely smooth look, you’ll still need to cut your hair down to a ¼ inch before shaving it completely off.

Step-by-Step Shaving Guide

Once you’ve washed your hair and taken it done to a ¼ inch, it’s time to start the shaving process!

Shave the front of your head- The hair on the front of your head is much thinner and lighter than the rest of the hairs so start here. Shaving the softer hairs first gives the rest of your hair time to soften and prep for the shave. Starting at your forehead, shave towards the back of your head using even, clean strokes. Use firm, even pressure as you shave and rinse your blade often. We recommend doing so after every pass.
Now, shave the sides- Once you’ve finished the front of your head, it’s time to move onto the sides. Starting near your neck, work upwards the top of your head stopping when you meet the clean-shaven areas. Use your fingers to grip the skin on the top of your head, making the area tight. This will give you a smoother, more even surface. Remember to rinse your blade frequently to prevent nicks and razor burn.
Shave the back of your head- Continue to shaving in slow upward strokes from the base of your neck to the top of your head. There are a lot more grooves back here, so allow the razor to pass over these areas and take your time. You can use a hand mirror to check your progress as you shave. If you can’t get the hair in the grooves, carefully stretch the skin using your fingers and slowly pass the razor over the areas.
Rinse, check, and admire- Once you’ve achieved maximum bald awesomeness, wash away the stray hairs and lather using warm water then pat dry with a towel. Use a hand mirror to check your head for any missed spots. Repeat the shave as necessary then admire your work!



Because shaving irritates your skin, you’ll want to spend some time caring for your skin after the shave is over. And no, that doesn’t mean washing off the lather and drying it. We’re talking about moisturizing your skin! Not only will this prevent breakouts, but it will soothe areas that are tender from the shave and restore lost moisture. Plus, it prolongs your shave.

Regardless of whether you opt for lotion or tonic, you’re guaranteed to get a quality product that smells great, doesn’t have harsh chemicals, and provides you with lasting hydration.

EZ BLADE Aftershave Lotion- Lotions tend to sit on top of the skin and feel “heavier” than tonics. This is not to say that they don’t absorb into the skin because they do, but they tend to take longer to work in. In comparison, the effects of lotion tend to last longer than tonics but it really just boils down to personal preference.
EZ Blade After Shave Tonic- Tonics are lightweight oils that are quickly absorbed by the skin. While they won’t provide as much moisture as lotion, they will still soften, soothe, and hydrate your skin nonetheless. Tonics also help prevent breakouts, soothe nicks, and tend to razor burn.

Maintaining Your Look

One thing to consider after you’ve shaven your head is maintenance. While clean shaven and stubbled heads are low maintenance, you will still need to put some effort into your new look. This includes:
•Moisturizing daily- This is especially important if you’re a first time head shaver. Shaving strips your skin of moisture and is incredibly drying. Take care of your skin by moisturizing daily with our tonic or moisturizer. This will also prolong the shave.
•SPF- So many guys are guilty of forgetting to apply SPF and that can translate to a nasty sunburn on the top of your head. If you’re new to the bald community, make sure you use a SPF even during the winter and cloudy days. The skin on your head isn’t use to the amount of UV lights it’s going to receive and will burn much quicker than the rest of your body. While it might feel weird at first applying sunscreen in the winter, heed our advice and do it.
•Routine shaves- How often you shave/trim will depend on the length you want to keep your hair, your commitment to upkeep, and how fast your hair tends to grow. If it’s your first time shaving your head, we recommend waiting a little longer after your first shave to refresh your style. That’s because the skin on your head will be tender, sensitive, and more prone to breakouts for a while. Give your head a break and wait a bit.

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