How To Get The Best Face Shave Possible Step By Step

How To Get The Best Face Shave Possible Step By Step

Getting the best face shave possible can be very easy if you know what your doing. But the fact is most men have no idea where to start. And thats totally understandable we are men we don’t really care, we just want this hair off of our face! Most guys go out and buy the cheapest can of shaving cream they can find. Grab a pack of expensive cheap razors and start racking their face. This can really be a problem. Not knowing what your doing can lead to razor bumps, razor burn, redness, and irritation. No worries, today all of that is about to change. Ive been barber for over 20 years so I have a ton of experience dealing with every type of facial hair. From straight facial hair, to coarse facial hair or even scruffy. You name it I shaved it. So today I’m going to show you the steps you can take to give yourself the best shave possible. Follow these steps and I guarantee you will have the smoothest shave of your life. Lets get started!


How To Choose The Best Razor For Your Face

In a world full of monthly razor blade subscriptions and tons of advertisement on T.V. and electric vibrating razor that spray shaving cream. How do you even choose one? Lots of men have been turning back the hands of time and going with a traditional safety razor or even using straight razors. With this guide you can still use the razors from the big box stores. As long as you follow these steps your face will safe. I do recommend to always start by taking a tradition approach and here is why. When you buy one of the regular big box store razors, you will get a handle and a few blade cartridges. Each cartridge contains four (4) to five (5 ) small blades on it. This means you have four (4) to five (5) razors scraping your face at the same time. Sounds like that would work better right? Wrong!! especially if you have sensitive skin. The issue is that when you shave you are not only taking the hair off of your face you are actually removing a layer of skin off of your face. If your face is pretty sensitive your going to remove more than just a layer. Thats when razor burn and irritation kicks in. This is why most men are switching to straight razors or safety razor. A safety razor and straight razor both take double edge razor blades. Double edge razors are single edge razor, this means only one blade is used on your face which results less irritation . Also double edge razors blades are very sharp, so you will definitely get a efficient, cleaner and smoother shave. One of the pros to using a double edge razor is the blades last forever. You can have a whole box for months. And you won’t have to change the blade after every shave. The con is you're going to have to learn how to use the holder and the blade. Its a bit if a learning curve but well worth it in the end. It can be a little frustrating but thats how it is when your learning something new. It can be tricky process but you can do it! Using safety razors and straight razors is all about angles and your hand position when holding them. We have a few videos here on our website, and also at the end of this blog that will show you how to use both razors. We do carry straight razors safety razors and double edge razors. Here on this site. Ive attached a few links below if your interested. Now lets get into preparation!


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Prepping Your Face For A Shave

Prepping your face before you shave is key!. Most men just run hot sink or shower water to their hands and splash it on their face. They might slap a little foam shaving cream and get to shaving. Ok lets finally get in to the step by step shaving process that works. Here are the things your going to need. Choose the Blade of your choice wether thats a standard big box store razor, straight razor or a safety razor. They all will work with the process. Again the safety razor or straight razor will take practice, but if you feel comfortable I will encourage to go ahead and use it. Grab a face towel, shave oil, shaving cream, aftershave lotion, and a after shave tonic. We do carry all of these products here on our site. Ive attached a few links below if your interested. Lets get started.


Step 1.

The Hot Towel

Start by running your towel under hot water. Make sure the towel is fully wet, then ring it out and fold your towel in half and apply it in the area in need of a shave. Hold the towel on your face for at least 60 seconds. The reason we are using a hot towel is because the steam from the hot towel will open your pores. Opening your pores is key if you want a great shave. Most men have tense muscles in their face and are under stress most of the time. Life can be stressful but your shave shouldn’t be. Overall most men are just not relaxed. Applying a hot towel will simply relax your face and also loosen the facial hair. Doing this is especially good in the winter time. Continue this process until the hair on the face is soft. If it is not soft after the fist time then you aren't ready for a shave just yet, so repeat the putting the towel under hot water and reapply the towel. Repeat as many time as needed until your facial hair feels nice and soft.


Step 2.

Applying Shaving The Shave Oil

Step two apply a small amount of the shave oil to the palm of your hand rub it in circular motion on your face, at the same time lifting the hair. Lifting the hair on your face is going to allow the shave oil to get under the hair and on to your skin. The shave oil is going to protect your skin. Using a shave oil is extremely important. The shave oil is going to keep the facial hair soft after the hot towel is applied. Shave oil will also give your skin a extra layer of comfort for your shave. In addition a shave oil will also help you avoid getting razor burn. Its also extremely healthy for your face. If you choose the correct one. For example our shave oil has castor oil. Castor oil alone heals dry and irritated as well as acne prone skin. It also fights skin infections and wounds. The list goes on and on. Bottomline pick a shave oil that is great for your skin.


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Step 3.

Applying The Shaving Cream

Choose the product you wish to shave with. You can choose a brushless shaving cream or a shaving soap. If you choose a brushless shaving cream just apply a small amount in the palm of your hand and just like the shave oil rub it on your facial hair while lifting the hair. If you choose to use a shaving soap you going to need a badger brush. Run your brush under warm water for a few seconds and then rub the brush in circular motion on the shaving soap, apply the brush on your face and again rub it in circular motion while lifting the hair with the brush. Either shaving product you choose will do the job. Its all your preference. Lots of people like shaving soap because it loosens and softens the hair even more. Its also more of a shaving experience. But the brushless shaving cream works just as good and its a lot quicker to apply. We carry both products here on our site. I will attach a few links below.


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Step 4.

Starting The Face Shave

Now lets start the shave. In order to get the best shaving experience your basically going to have to learn the structure of your face. Everyone has different face. Some men have chiseled faces while others have more of a chubby meaty face. The reason to mention is because we need to learn our faces is so we can know how much pressure to apply. If you have more of a thin chiseled face your going to have to apply less pressure and be a bit careful. The reason for that is your not going to be able to stretch your skin as much. On the other hand if you have more of a chubby face the sky is the limit when it comes time to stretching you skin. You see stretching the skin is extremely important when your shaving. This will allow the blade to glide effortlessly. If you don’t stretch the skin the blade is going to just skip over your skin and your going to cut yourself. Especially if your using a straight razor or safety razor. Throughout my years as a master barber I’ve shaved thousands of different faces. I have to say concentrating on the stretch before even applying the blade is key. Next thing your going to have to learn about your face is the hair direction. Your going to have to figure out which way the hair on your face is growing. Here is a test. Feel your face right now. You will notice your hair grows different way especially on the lower neck area. Some hair will grow left some right, up, down. After you figure out the way your hair grows, thats the way your going to shave your face. Your going to follow the way the hair is growing. Your going to shave with the grain not against’s it. Using this technique will help prevent razor bumps afterwards. Some people will say you get a better shave if you go against the grain. This is true but the fact of the matter is most people skin cannot handle an against the grain shave. As a master barber I would first go with the grain and if it wasn’t good enough for the client I would ask first then I would go against the grain. This is something your going to have to test on yourself. Again everyone is different.


Step 5.

Healing Your Skin After A Shave

So your face is nice and clean, and as soft as a babies butt. Its time to grab your aftershave, and start the healing process. As I said earlier when you shave, a layer of skin is removed from your face. Your basically working with a open womb. Most people would just leave the open womb unhealed and go about their day. This is why most men get bumps and infections on their face. They go outside work all day, give tons of people hand shakes and touch and scratch this open womb with dirty hands. Thats a recipe for disaster. In some case people just slap rubbing alcohol on there face or use a alcohol filled aftershave. Have you ever watch those old commercial or movie like home alone or see the little kids cringing at the barbershop, when the barber goes to apply the after shave or alcohol spray. People scream and shake, because it burns! This is not a good thing for you skin. Thats not the approach you should take. Its best to use a aftershave that contains mostly witch hazel and other good properties. Witch hazel won’t shock and burn your skin. For example we carry one here on our website its a aftershave tonic that contains witch hazel, tea tree and jojoba. I can go on for days about the benefits of those properties. But If your interested I’ve attached the link below. If not I would go with a alcohol free or low alcohol product with great healing an soothing property. Stay away from harsh alcohol packed products.



Apply 2 to 3 sprays of the after shave tonic to the palm of your hand. Rub in the area that has just been shaved. This will help with razor bumps, burns or scratches. Don’t forget after a shave a layer of skin is removed from the face, it needs to be treated!


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Step 6.

Closing Your Pores

Closing your one pores is key. Just like we did in the beginning of this guide we open the pores with a hot towel now we have to close them. Even if you never used a hot towel before and just shaved. Regardless your pores will open after a shave. Leaving them open can lead to razor bums and ingrown hair. Leaving your pores open will allow dirt to go inside. Even if you disinfect your face with a aftershave and don’t close the pores, you can still get bums. Heres how you close your pores. Simply Run the towel under very cold water. Ring it out fold it. Hold your towel to the face for 60 seconds. This is will close the pores and tighten the skin.


Step 7.

Apply A Aftershave Lotion

Lastly your going to need to apply a aftershave lotion. A aftershave lotion is going to rehydrate, heal and soothe your skin. After shave lotion is going to re-moisturize your face. After a shave your face has just been beat up and dried out after using water creams and soaps, you will need to moisturize your skin. Think of aftershave lotion like a body lotion except for your face. Why when you jump out the shower after using all that soap and water and you dry your body a few minutes later your skin looks dry? You need lotion for your skin. This lotion just works better for your face. The aftershave lotion you choose should be equipped with great healing and soothing properties. The one we offer our clients contains sunflower oil and tons of other vitamins that are great for healing wombs. I’ve attached a link below if your interested.


Apply a very small amount of aftershave lotion to your finger tip. Apply one finger tip to the left cheek bottom of your chin and the right cheek. Rub in a circular motion in the area that has just been shaved.


Aftershave Lotion Click Here

Thank for reading guys hope this article helped! Happy shaving from us here at EZ BLADE Shaving Products.You can follow us on Instagram @ezbladeshavingproducts or Facebook.




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